February 12, 2008

chocolate, wine, veggies and pregnant women on unicycles

Ahhh... CGB is wrapping up a very busy and exciting weekend!

On Friday night, Jennie and Amy went to the Chocolate and Wine Tasting at Hamilton Hall. BTW, thanks for all the yummy wine, Pamplemousse.

And then Saturday morning Jennie dragged Amy to the Health and Wellness Expo at the North Shore Mall. BTW2, many thanks to the Chamber for strategically putting us in front of MiMi Maternity. Anyway, we did lots of babywearing demos and answered plenty of questions about cloth diapering.

And on Sunday, we just kept the party going! The Veggie Meetup group came to hang out at CGB and we walked around and “toured” the ice sculptures. Jennie just kept saying, "It was so great to meet new people and see people I hadn’t seen since Tommie was just months old!"

And although some of the sculptures had “fallen” to the warmer weather, our pregnant mom riding the unicycle stayed strong! Although, as Liv said, by the end of Sunday it looked like she reverted back to her first trimester.

Wanna know what else made Sunday great? The weather. It started out so perfect and then quickly turned to rain, then wind and finally snow! That's why New England is the best.

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