March 28, 2009

CGB Lending Library

Crunchy Granola Baby is introducing a Lending Library!

Simply swing by the shop and peruse our (growing) collection of books and DVD’s. If you see something you like, borrow it!

Books can be checked out for two weeks and DVD’s for one week. If you’re spending your time chasing after a toddler (or catering to a baby) and haven’t quite finished your book/DVD, then feel free to call and renew your item for an additional time period.

And please note, we ask for a fully refundable $20 deposit on DVD’s.

So far, our library includes (but is not limited to):

  • “Our Babies, Ourselves” by Meredith F. Small
  • “Infant Massage” by Vimala McClure
  • “Spirit Babies” by Walter Makichen
  • “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” by Rahima Baldwin Dancy
  • “Baby Signs” by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn
  • “Better Basics for the Home” by Annie Berthold-Bond
  • “Raising Baby Green” by Alan Greene
  • “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Robert Sears (2 copies)
  • “Birthing from Within” by Pam England and Rob Horowitz
  • “Operating Instructions” by Anne Lamott
  • “Nursing Mother, Working Mother” by Gale Pryor
  • “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” from La Leche League Int’l
  • “Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife” by Peggy Vincent
  • “The Breastfeeding Source Book” by M. Sara Rosenthal
  • “The Fussy Baby Book” by William & Martha Sears
  • “The Birth Book” by William & Martha Sears
  • “The Baby Book” by William & Martha Sears
  • “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” by Kathleen Huggins
  • “The Earliest Relationship: by T. Berry Brazelton and Bertrand G. Cramer
  • “Healing the Child Within” by Charles L. Whitfield
  • “Positive Discipline for Preschoolers” by Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin and Roslyn Duffy
  • “Pushed” by Jennifer Block
  • “Your Vegetarian Pregnancy” by Dr. Holly Roberts
  • “Natural Mothering” by Nicky Wesson
  • “A Good Birth, A Safe Birth” by Diana Korte and Roberta M. Scaer
  • “Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants” by Dana Ullman
  • “Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby’s First Year” by Miranda Castro
  • “Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five” by Penelope Leach
  • “Aromatherapy” by Vivian Lunny
  • “The 2008/2009 Guide to a Healthy Birth”
  • Massachusetts Breastfeeding Resource Guide: 2008 Edition”

We also have DVD's such as The Business of Being Born, Indigo and The 11th Hour, as well as back issues of Mothering and Brainchild magazines.

See something you like that our lending library doesn’t have? Let us know!

Really, we’re running our Lending Library like any other lending library. But if you have questions, please feel free to contact Jennie or Amy at 978.741.0800.

Happy Reading! (Or DVD watching)

March 26, 2009

Summer CSA - Deadline is Looming!

Do you crave fresh produce? Do you want to support a local, organic farm? Our 2009 CSA is now open to the general public!

In case you're unfamiliar with concept, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for people to build a relationship with a farm. By making a financial commitment to a farm, the people become “shareholders” of the CSA and receive weekly baskets of produce. It’s a perfect (and affordable) way to eat healthy and support a local farm.

And for the second year in a row, Crunchy Granola Baby has teamed up with Heaven’s Harvest Farm in New Braintree to offer local North Shore residents the opportunity to become shareholders in a CSA.

For 15 weeks (June through October), fresh produce will be delivered to Crunchy Granola Baby on Thursday afternoons. Shareholders simply stop by and pick up their share! Payment is due in advance of the season and a full share is $600, while a half share is $375.

Want to become a shareholder? Then register at Crunchy Granola Baby as soon as possible. Checks should be made out to Heavens Harvest Farm and dropped off (or mailed) to Crunchy Granola Baby.

Please include:
• Name
• Address
• Phone
• Email

The final deadline is April 2ish (we're flexible. you know that). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jennie or Amy at 978.741.0800 or at

Baby Stroller 101

Overwhelmed by all the stroller options out there? Unhappy with your current stroller and looking for something new? Ready to have your second and not sure you need a double stroller?

Then be sure to attend the Crunchy Granola Baby / Hip Baby Gear Baby Stroller 101 class! Monica from Hip Baby Gear will demo their most popular strollers, including standard, all-terrain and lightweight models.

The best part? Class participants will receive a discount coupon for Hip Baby Gear merchandise! (Sure, certain brand restrictions apply. But it's still a great deal!)

Please note, this event is free but please RSVP since space is limited.

For more about Hip Baby Gear, visit them online at

March 24, 2009

Why Organic Mattresses (and Bedding)?

Most infants spend more time asleep than awake during the first few years of life. And much of that time is spent in a crib outfitted with a mattress. So what’s the difference between a typical mattress and an organic mattress?

Typical Mattresses: Typical mattresses are made of cheap petroleum-based synthetics, which are non-renewable and harmful to the earth. Additionally, mattresses tend to contain treated materials such as polyurethane foam, vinyl (PVC), phthalates, chemical fire retardants or barriers, and other added industrial chemicals. In other words: not organic.

Typical Mattress Effects on Children: Our mattress wholesale company Naturepedic states it clearly on their site: “Just as lead paint was once widespread before it was recognized as toxic and banned, many components of today’s baby mattresses, even though currently legal, are likely to eventually be banned as well. In fact, certain chemicals which have been widely used in baby mattresses for many decades have already been banned and/or voluntarily removed over the last few years with more sure to follow.”

Organic Mattresses: Organic mattresses are made from natural and organic materials. They provide a chemical free sleeping environment, which results in less exposure to treated materials and potentially harmful chemicals. They provide firm support, fire protection (Naturepedic uses Flamebreak, a non-toxic and naturally derived fire barrier system that is safe and effective and that meets and exceeds all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals), and an heirloom quality product that is safe for your child and Mother Earth.

If you seek out organic foods or organic clothing for your child (or yourself), then why not let them reap the benefits of an organic nights sleep?

Why Babywearing?

There are so many reasons to wear your baby! Just check out some of the following effects that babywearing has on a baby:

Less Crying: Studies have shown that letting babies cry permanently alters their nervous system. Also, the more they cry during their infant years, the more likely they are to cry later in life.

More Calm & Content: Carried babies have a more regular respiratory rate, heart rate and steady internal body temperature.

Sleep More Peacefully: Keeping your baby close helps him/her organize their sleep and wake cycles, by helping them recognize the differences between night and day.

Nurse Better & Gain Weight: Babies nurse more frequently when they are carried close to their mother.

Enjoy Better Digestion: The constant motion and frequent small feedings associated with carrying can promote good digestion. Gravity forces acid to remain in the stomach and in turn, the baby spits up less.

Develop: Babywearing leads to more human touch and movement, which has a very positive effect on the baby. it is also good for the baby’s developing muscles as it must move to adjust to the mother

Don’t believe us? Stop by CGB and test out any of our wonderful babywearing wraps or slings! They are the ultimate combination of function and beauty – you’ll love babywearing!

Why Cloth Diaper?

There are so many reasons to consider cloth diapers! And thanks to the Real Diaper Association, we’ve listed a few facts below:

Environment: A typical disposable diaper takes up to 500 years to decompose and an estimated 27.4 billion diapers are used each year in the U.S. That’s a lot of diapers just sitting around waiting to decompose! In contrast, cloth diapers can be reused over 200 times before they need to be turned into rags, which can then be used indefinitely. And oftentimes, cloth diapers can be used for two children. Disposable diapers simple perpetuate the culture of continued consumption without any thought for natural resources or the environment.

Economic: The average baby uses about 6,000 diapers throughout the first two years of life. At a typical cost of 25 cents per disposable diaper, parents can expect to pay around $66 per month (or $1600 per year) on disposable diapers. In contrast, using cloth diapers tends to cost between $300 and $1000. The wide discrepancy in price is because of the various styles/ materials that can be used for diapering. But think about it this way: even if you spend $1000 (the upper end of the cloth diapering spectrum), you’re still spending less than with disposables. Significantly less.

Health: Disposable diapers contain traces of Dioxin, an extremely toxic by-product of the paper-bleaching process. It is a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals. It is banned in most countries, but not the U.S.. Additionally, disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate, a type of super absorbent polymer (SAP), which becomes a gel-like substance when wet. A similar substance had been used in super-absorbancy tampons until the early 1980s when it was revealed that the material increased the risk of toxic shock syndrome

So these are not your grandmother’s old cloth diapers! No laborious folding (if you don’t want it) and no pins necessary. Instead these cloth diapers are easy, organic, economically-friendly and just plain adorable!

March 21, 2009

Photos from the Health & Wellness Fair

The Health and Wellness Fair was a great success! At the fair, we answered lots of cloth diaper questions and did TONS of baby wearing demonstrations.

Thank you to Keri (from gem and I jewelry) and Vickie (and her entire family) for helping me out at the fair! I couldn't have done it with out their help! And please note: Vickie and Gus are pictured above. Vickie definitely gets the strongest Mom award!

Also thanks to Wholefoods and Trader Joe's for giving me bags to add all of our vendor samples and coupons to hand out! And a big thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for setting us up in a prime location, outside of Mimi Maternity. SWEET !

Photos from Knitting Class

I've discovered Knitting is not for me. . . well for right now anyway! But we still had a great time and I can't wait for sewing to start! Interested? Classes begin this Tuesday and we still have 2 spaces left. Learn more!

March 19, 2009

New Products: Little Beetle PreFolds

CGB is now carrying Little Beetle prefolds!

Much awaited but wonderfully worth it! These prefolds are made of luciously soft organic fair trade velour on one side and beautiful, heavy duty Hemp French Terry (55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton) on the other. There is also a hidden soaker layer that provides three more layers of hemp french terry.

These prefolds stretch gently to wrap and fit well. They come in various sizes, from newborn to toddler.

Check 'em out

March 17, 2009

Parenting Groups

Just a reminder that CGB hosts a toddler play group on Wednesdays at 10am and an infant play group (really, a group for moms of infants to relax and chat) on Fridays at 9am.

Hope to see you there!

March 14, 2009

Learn about Learning

Learn How They Learn: Why Touch, Movement, and Love are So Important For Childhood Development. Monday, March 16 at 7PM

Recent findings related to brain development have unveiled the importance of healthy play and movement in every child’s development and adult’s life. It is now well considered that not only does a child learn to move, but they also move to learn. The sensory input of proprioception (the body’s ability to sense its position in space) is a nutrient to the brain that has long standing effects on cognitive skills. What happens when we take away a child’s natural expression to move? Their cerebellar development may be stifled resulting in decreased cognition as well. How does love shape the child’s cerebral cortex? This session will offer insights into the current research and practical tools that we can use when working with our children.

About the Instructor: Dr.Gerald Gould has been assisting children achieve greater neurological development for 9 years. A Massachusetts Board certified chiropractor, Dr. Gould has been teaching parents about the importance of movement and play in the early stages of childhood development. Dr. Gould is a co-author of the Tides corporation sponsored study called Health And Neurological Development Study (H.A.N.D.S) that researched the effects of postural training, vertebral adjustments, craniosacral therapy, and Active Healing Therapy on neurologically challenged children.

March 12, 2009

New Products: Nature BabyCare Pull Up Pants

CGB is now carring Nature BabyCare Pull Up Pants!

Nature BabyCare Pull Up Pants are 100% chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from babies delicate skin. The absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests and the unique center-channel means a less bulky fit while enhancing leak protection. Since they use 60% natural materials instead of plastic, the training pants are soft and cloth-like providing comfort without sacrificing protection.

Other good-to-know features about Nature BabyCare Pull Up Pants?

- NO oil-based plastics against baby's skin (yeah we said that before, but it's super important!)
- Stretchy tear-away sides for comfort and convenience
- Soft, cloth-like feel provides a non-bulky fit, enabling your child to move around freely!
- Kinder and more gentle to your baby and the environment
- Breathable and chlorine-free with natural based material, for natural protection

And the best part? They are now available at Crunchy Granola Baby!

March 11, 2009

New Products: Huggalugs

Introducing Huggalugs!!

Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers - A designer way to hug little legs and arms in comfort and colour.

Why you need Huggalugs:
* Easy to pull on under or over pants or skirts.
* Handy for quick weather or temperature changes- so easy to slip on arms and legs even with a tee shirt on!
* Many patterns to choose from to go with any outfit, organic choices too!
* Convenient pull on item to help prevent kid’s arms and legs from bug bites.
* Versatile!

The same product is used on both the arms and the legs. One size fits most from birth to big kids up to the thigh. Leg & Arm Huggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.

March 9, 2009

BONS (Best of North Shore) by North Shore Magazine

It's time again!

North Shore Magazine is kicking the BONS into high gear and they need your votes to make it count.

Vote for your favorite kids places on the North Shore!

March 7, 2009

Spring Equinox Celebration

Parent's United is hosting a Spring Equinox Celebration on March 21st!

There will be numerous fantastic live and silent auction items to bid on, as well as plenty of local samplings of food and beer/wine with great live entertainment by the Bob Kendall Jazz Trio. Mayor Driscoll will speak about the Salem Common Playground and how it will greatly affect our community and our children.

This Celebration will take place at Hamilton Hall (9 Chestnut Street in Salem)from 7-10 p.m.

So get a sitter and enjoy yourselves at this great event! Additionally, P.U. is also offering a 50% discount to P.U. members in recognition of tight finances. And if you're not a member, there will be an opportunity to register at the door.

And if you really want to help . . . We're looking for volunteers to help set up/break down the day of the event and to help deliver invites in your neighborhood or post fliers around town. Please email to sign up to join our team!

March 5, 2009

New Products: Parade Organic

Crunchy Granola Baby is now carrying adorable clothes from Parade Organics! Voted Best Organic Line by Canadian Family Magazine (you gotta trust those Canadians), these clothes are 100% chemical-free certified organic cotton with nickel free snap closures. Parade also supports responsible fair-trade practice.

These clothes are colorful, creative and modern . . . come check 'em out!

For more about Parade, visit their website at

March 2, 2009

Community Interviews: Jennie Cudmore

This March, we're introducing a new blog feature!

Each month, we'll interview a different local parent about his/her kids/job/hobbies/passions and anything else we feel like discussing. We're hoping this feature will help our friends and customers get to know one another better and create a strong community within the shop, Salem, and the North Shore.

March Q&A with Jennie Cudmore. In case you didn't know, Cudmore is the owner of Crunchy Granola Baby.

Where did you come up with the name Crunchy Granola Baby?

[laughing] I remember talking to my mom about what a good name would be while I was nursing Tommie and watching the Food Network.

What inspired you to open Crunchy Granola Baby?

While I was pregnant with my two year old son Tommie, I was forced to do all my “green” shopping online. And I kept thinking it was so backwards that I couldn’t physically touch my cloth diapers before buying or feel the organic cotton tee before purchasing. And so I figured that instead of just sitting back idle, I might as well go ahead and do something about it. And when I really started thinking about it, I realized how great it would be to create a place where families could meet other families and feel comfortable just hanging out and, of course, spreading the “green” word.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of Crunchy Granola Baby?

I love that I have met, and continue to meet, new and fabulous families whom I am always learning so much from. I am truly blessed to be able to do something I truly love. I have made so many lifelong friendships and am forever grateful for that.