December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2010!

Crunchy Granola Baby would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all our crunchy families out there.

Thank You for supporting our shop and what we do.Thank You for being such wonderful friends to us, and also to one another. Thank You for helping Mother Nature by being eco-conscious and environmentally savvy.

2009 was a great year and I'm sure 2010 will be even better. I only hope that CGB will continue to bring as much joy to your life as it brings to ours.

December 30, 2009

GLBT Group and Parenting Group Membership Card

Here at CGB we offer Parenting and Toddler Groups weekly. But now, we're introducing a new group! Our GLBT group will take place on Mondays from 10-11:30AM! If you are interested in natural and organic living,and would like to meet other local GLBT families, come spend some time with like-minded parents, caregivers and their children.

And just like our other parenting groups, a 3 month membership is $25. This includes guest speakers and discounts at local restaurants and shops. You will receive a 15% off shopping discount at CGB when you shop during the group. (excludes consignment, classes, Once Crunched and Hip Baby Gear Items) Your first group is free, drop in fee is $5.00.

Show your CGB Parenting Group Member Card on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:30am-1:00pm at these participating restaurants and shops and receive great discounts.

Lynde Street Café
2 Lynde St
*Free drink with meal purchase

Ben and Jerry’s
60 Washington St
*Free kiddie cup or cone with purchase of $4 or more.

Modern Millie Vintage & Consignments
103 Washington St
*10% off any full priced purchase

Salem Wine Imports
32 Church Street
*10% off any full priced purchase

Seed Stitch
21 Front St
*10% off 5 skeins or more

Caffe Graziani
133 Washington St.
*Free soft drink with purchase of sandwich or entree

231 Essex St.

December 24, 2009

Have a very merry day!

Happy Holidays to our crunchy friends!

We're at the shop today until 4PM, so be sure to stop by if you haven't finished your holiday shopping. We've got adorable organic clothes, super-fun (and eco-friendly!) toys, baby-wearing wraps, cloth diapers and more! Need gift ideas? Check out some of our suggestions here. PLUS, our December Promotion is still going strong. Save 10 - 35% store-wide!

And if we don't see you today, have a very merry holiday! We're closed tomorrow (December 25), but we'll be back on Saturday morning at 10AM!

December 23, 2009

Hooray for CSA Day!

It's Citrus CSA Day at CGB! We've got tons of citrus, maples syrup and yummy artisan cheeses for our lucky shareholders...

Wait, you're not a shareholder? Then be sure to sign up for our January Citrus Share! We don't have all the information (or the date yet), but check out the details from today's share and start thinking about registering for 2010. And no worries, we'll keep you posted about January's Citrus CSA!

PS: I'm drooling over the maple syrup and artisan cheese...

December 20, 2009

New Product: Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo & BodyWash

We finally found an organic, baby-friendly shampoo and bodywash!

Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo & BodyWash use natural ingredients to enhance your baby's already delicate hair and skin, without using harsh detergents and chemicals. Plus, these products are never tested on animals and they're made in the USA!

Choose from three delightful Shampoo & BodyWashes: classic Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavender and funtime Organic Mandarin. Check 'em out at CGB!

Let it Snow!

Wow! I made it! We are OPEN!
I will be here until 4pm.
Today might be a good day to order online though. I will be updating it through out the day.
Save 20% with coupon code Blizz1209 for today only. All packages will ship USPS priority tomorrow to get to there destinations just in time for Christmas!

If you don't see something on line but know I have it in the store, just give me a ring and we can do a phone order too!

Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow!

December 19, 2009

Busy Saturday Morning

It's been a busy day here at Crunchy Granola Baby!

We spent the morning at Waikiki Beach in Salem...And yes, it was freezing. Especially for those of us (Ahem, Amy) who jumped into the frigid waters as a fundraiser for HAWC! Learn more here.

Charlie Hope then paid a visit to the shop this morning, playing her third concert for adoring CGB fans! As always, we had a wonderful time listening to Hope's melodies. But if you couldn't make the show, no worries. Check her out tomorrow evening on WERS 88.9! Hope will be paying a visit to The Playground, a show dedicated to the best local, national and international kids artists.Check her out between 5 and 8PM!

(PS: If you're not already an avid WERS fan yet, then you will be soon. This Emerson College-owned station plays the best independent music in Boston. Seriously. )

And don't forget: CGB is open on Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday for you last-minute shoppers. Plus, our December Promotion is happening through the end of the month!

December 18, 2009

Don't Forget! Charlie Hope on Sat!

Join singer Charlie Hope for a free concert at Crunchy Granola Baby on Saturday, December 19 at 11 AM!

This is Charlie's third concert at CGB and the past two have been super awesome, (see photo at left) so plan on getting her early to secure a good spot!

Learn more here.

Yuletide Plunge!

What are you doing this Saturday?

For just $5, you can spent the morning swimming in Salem Harbor!

Here’s the deal:

Local friend (and outdoor enthusiast) Derek Jones is organizing the 1st Annual Yuletide Plunge. It’s $5 to take the plunge and all proceeds benefit Salem’s own HAWC (Help for Abused Women and Children). The party starts at 9AM at Waikiki Beach on Winter Island in Salem.

Refreshments will be available, as well as a raffle for those who complete the plunge.

Don’t feel like taking a plunge? Then come support HAWC and watch everyone (incl. CGB's own Amy) freeze!

December 17, 2009

Gift Ideas

Out of original gift ideas? No worries, CGB is here to help!

For...The New Family: Why not give the new family a break from everyday chores? The Green Delicious Gift Package provides personal chef service for new parents, providing three delicious family meals prepared with the freshest whole ingredients, making those hectic first days a little easier.

For...The New Mom or Dad: A Calin Bleu wraparound baby carrier is a versatile and simple way of carrying babies and toddlers. Mom will stay comfortable when carrying the baby round the house, on public transport, or in shopping centers.

For ...The New Addition: This vibrant Green Squirrel Body Suit is cute, eco-friendly and perfect for a boy or girl!

For ...The Toddler: Kids love cars and parents love eco-friendly toys from Imagiplay! This Push Along Hybrid Car aids young children in balance and motor skills, while keeping them entertained for hours.

For...The Co-Worker's Child: Not entirely sure what to get for a friend or co-worker's child? You can't go wrong with Burp Armor! The stay-put shape keeps parents and kids clean, doubling as a stay-in-place burp cloth and a bib! Not enough to convince you? What if I told that 5% of the proceeds from each sale go to Boston Children's Hospital? Perfect.

For ... Anyone Else: Why not pick up a CGB Gift Card and let your recipient pick out their own present?!

If none of these items are your style, we've got tons of other great gift ideas! Stop in today and we'll help you put together the perfect present!

PS: Once you find your Mother Nature approved present, don't forget to green your wrapping! Not sure how? Check out this fabulous website (Thanks Rebecca Hains!) for ideas on eco-friendly wrapping! Some of our favs:
  • Brown paper packages tied up with string . . . these are a few of my favorite things: Unbleached brown craft paper brings a certain rustic elegance to the table that can be helpful if you’re going for that sort of look. Accent your packages with plaid hair ribbons, colored twine or other appropriate green items that suit your taste.
  • Maps: Save old road maps and use them for wrapping presents you intend to give to travelers, teachers or students. Maps are colorful, sturdy and often free at your local tourist information center.
  • Calendars: I personally like the kind with the vintage travel labels or old fashioned liquor ads, as they add a bit of pop culture while remaining firmly in the traditional camp. Plus, I love the darker classic colors they tend to use on those things. Just rip the pages out and use for small gifts.

December 15, 2009

Plan Toys have Arrived!

CGB has just received a new shipment of eco-friendly and adorable Plan Toys! We've got Pull Along Elephants, Push Zebras, Shape and Sorts, as well as Mini-Trucks (pictured below)!

And don't forget about our December Promotion! Save 10 - 35% store-wide! Learn more here.

December 14, 2009

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

How many cloth diapers will I need?

When beginning the foray into cloth diapering, CGB recommends experimenting. Try a few different brands/styles at the beginning and see which works best for you and for your baby. Cloth diapering is an investment and you want to be sure your investment is worthwhile. After all, you wouldn’t buy a few dozen shoes for yourself before trying them all!

With that in mind, please consider the following numbers when cloth diapering: 20-30 diapers, 2 wool covers and/or 4 cotton covers. When considering the amounts to buy, take into account the age of your baby. Newborns and infants will need 10 to 12 changes a day. Toddlers will need 8 to 10. And remember, most cloth diapering families wash diapers every 2 or 3 days.

How do I wash my cloth diapers?
  • Put wet, soiled diapers into dry diaper pail (CGB recommends 2 pail liners) and if you’re past the exclusively breastfed stage, shake any solid into the toilet.
  • Cold Wash (Place all your soiled cloth diapers in the machine with baking soda for a cold water wash) or Hot Wash (Add your wet cloth diapers to load, add detergent and baking soda and wash in hot water).
  • Rinse: Rinse cloth diapers with cold water and vinegar.
  • 2nd Rinse: Rinse cloth diapers with cold water.
  • Dry: To extend the life of our cloth diapers and covers, hang them dry. It is especially important for diaper covers to preserve their waterproofing ability.
NOTE: Remember to hand-wash all wool covers with wool shampoo.
NOTE: Don’t use Desitin or other diaper creams with zinc oxide, it will coat and strip the diapers of their absorbent qualities.

Which type of detergent should I use?

Stick with fragrance free detergents and be sure to avoid detergents with whitening enzymes, soap products, Borax, or bleach. These products are extremely harsh on cloth diapers and will break down their fibers and reduce their life. Also, they are rough against your baby's skin. CGB recommends Allen’s Naturally.

Tips & Tricks
  • Does your diaper pail smell? Try sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of the pail.
  • Not a fan of stained diapers? Put hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice on the stain and hang in the sun before moving from the washing machine to the dryer.

December 13, 2009

The Phoenix School's Annual Art Exhibition and Holiday Celebration!

You are cordially invited to join The Phoenix School's students, teachers, parents and friends to celebrate the students'artistic accomplishments and spirit of giving this season on Thursday, December 17 at 6:30PM.

Each year, during the 1st two weeks of December, Phoenix students create handcrafted gifts with remarkable attention to scientific detail as part of the creative arts curriculum for their family members. The school's EarlyAct Club also organizes collections for donations to local charities and invite you to both bring in donations for Northeast Animal Shelter (pet supplies), Salem Mission (personal hygene supplies), St. Joseph's Food Pantry (canned and dry goods) and Change to Change Lives (coins) and to share in the season's magic by joining us for hot chocolate and cookies.

The Phoenix School (as well as everyone at CGB) hopes that you'll be able to join the community for a night of artistic excellence and holiday cheer! Please RSVP to

CGB, Not Just For the Babes

We even cater to our 4 footed furry friends here at CGB.
Minnie is a rescued chihuahua mix and you may see her around town with her mom who practices doggy-wearing!

December 12, 2009


Join singer Charlie Hope for a free concert at Crunchy Granola Baby on Saturday, December 19 at 11 AM!

Singing songs from her new CD “I’m Me,” Charlie Hope’s music touches upon naptime, kangaroos, fire trucks, new babies, and frogs, among other themes. Her music is melodic, interactive, and sing-able, as well as relevant to children’s lives, reflecting and respecting their experiences.

Reviews on Amazon have called Charlie Hope’s music “refreshing,” “fun,” and “sweet and infectious,” and her raspy lilting voice has been compared to Carole King and Carly Simon. Besides Charlie Hope’s experience as a singer/songwriter, she also holds her degree in Art Therapy with Children and has worked as a trusted caregiver for years.

Get a preview of Charlie Hope’s debut CD “I’m Me” by visiting her MySpace page. CD’s will be available for purchase at Crunchy Granola Baby after the show.

If you have questions, please contact Jennie or Amy at 978.741.0800 or email us at

December 10, 2009

Fruit Lovers Holiday Sale!

Once again Heavens Harvest Farm is offering organic Citrus from Eagles Nest Organic Grove in North Florida.

New this year is the addition of IPM Apples (not sprayed 30 days before harvest) from Honey Bee Orchards in West Brookfield MA, raw artisan cheeses from Robie Farms in Piermont NH and awesome maple syrup from Moose River Syrup from the Arcadia National Park region of Down-East Maine.

All products will be delivered to Crunchy Granola Baby on Wednesday, December 23rd. The deadline for registration is Monday, December 14. And remember: You don't need to be a CSA shareholder to order these wonderful seasonal foods.

To register for a share, please bring your check (made out to Heavens Harvest Farm) to Crunchy Granola Baby by December 14. Please include your order, name, address, phone and email on the check.

If you have questions, please contact 978.741.0800 or

Noted below are your fruit order options. The list is rather long. Please be very accurate in ordering.

*Types of Citrus: Satsuma, Clementines, Sunburst Tangerines, Hanlin Juice & Fresh eating oranges, Carce-carer (red) , and Navels

  • Full boxes (40lbs) of any citrus $68
  • Half boxes (20lbs) of any citrus $38
  • Full Box of 2 way citrus mix $72
  • Full Box of 3 way citrus mix $75
  • Full Box of 4 way citrus mix $78
  • Half Box of 2 way citrus mix $40
  • Half Box of 3 way citrus mix $42

*Types of Apples: Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, MacIntosh

  • Full box of any apple $40
  • Half box of any apple $25
  • Full Box of all 3 apples $45
  • Full Box of any 2 apples $45
  • Half Box of all 3 apples $30
  • Half Box of any 2 apples $28


  • Full Box of 2 way citrus and apple $65
  • Full Box of 3 way citrus and apple $68
  • Half Box of 2 way citrus and apple $38


Maine Produced Maple Syrup

  • Pints $13
  • Quarts $25

5 Certified raw milk artisan cheeses

*Ingredients: certified raw milk, enzymes, and sea salt)

  • Piermont (1lb) $16
  • Toma (1lb) $16
  • Gruyere (1lb) $18
  • Manch Veges (1lb) $18

December 5, 2009

Downtown Salem Holiday Window Contest

Salem will again be dressed for the holiday season!

Besides the downtown holiday tree and evergreen wreaths, 35 downtown businesses are decorating their windows especially for the holidays. Including yours truly, Crunchy Granola Baby!

We encourage you to stroll downtown and take a look at all the beautiful windows! And don't forget to vote for you favorite windows at any participating business. Including yours truly, Crunchy Granola Baby!

And to top it off, all ballots will be entered into a holiday stocking contest! The winner of the ballot contest chosen December 11 will receive a holiday stocking filled with gifts and gift certificates.

*Did we mention that the snowflakes and haikus in our window were made by The Phoenix School? And the cardboard for our trees was donated by Salem Cycle? And the biodegradable packing popcorn is from Urban Elements? Our window is truly a recycled, and community, window display!

Learn more, and see which shops are participating, here.

December 4, 2009

New Product: Oscar and Belle

CGB is proud to carry Oscar & Belle Organics!

Oscar and Belle offers timeless and classic baby and childrens clothing. All of their adorable outfits are grown without any synthetic fertilizers, toxins, or pesticides. Also, each item is produced and manufactured without any harsh dyes, chemical bleaches, and is made strictly to ensure no chemical or metal contaminants come near your child.

Stop in to check out the adorable Acorn Dresses (pictured above), Corduroy & Velour Jackets (also pictured above), Yoga Tee and Pant Sets, Yoga Pose Shirts, Thermal Onesies, Thermal Pants, and more!

*And don't forget about CGB's Christmas Promotion! Go shopping...head to the register... and pull a discount code right before you pay! 10 - 35% off throughout December!

December 3, 2009

December Promotion

Shop at CGB anytime in December and SAVE! Here's how:
  • Go shopping...
  • Head to the register...
  • And right before you pay, pull a discount code from our basket! You can save 10 - 35% with every purchase!
*Offer expires December 31, 2009.
*Offer only available in-store.
*Discount excludes classes, consignment items and CSA shares.

Winter CSA 2009-2010

Interested in our Winter CSA? Miss the deadline?

No worries! Shares are still available!

The Winter round has started, but you can join now and you be pro-rated for the remainder.

  • Full Winter Share is $585 or 2 equal payments of $292.50
  • Half Winter Shares $425 0r 2 equal payments of $212.50
  • The season runs for 13 weeks, and is broken up into two sessions: First Session (6 wks) runs from Dec. 2 through Jan. 27 Second Session (7 wks) runs from Feb. 3 through March 17.
  • Produce is delivered every WEDNESDAY to CGB, and shareholders then pick up their share between 3 and 5:45. (your share may be available earlier, we will Tweet and Facebook when it arrives)
  • How to Pay: Checks (either the full payment or initial half payment, with second half payment due at start of second session) should be made out to Heavens Harvest Farm and dropped off (or mailed) to Crunchy Granola Baby.Please include: Name, Address, Phone and Email.
  • What to Expect: Apples * Celeriac * Strawberries * Swiss Chard * Collards * Arugula * Green Cabbage * Eggplant * Kale * Spring Onions * Lettuce, many varieties * Grape Tomato * Parsnips * Mustard * Sweet Potatoes * Braising Mix * Cucumbers * Parsley * Baby Bok Choy * Green Bell Peppers * Green Scallions * Summer Squash * Radishes * Cherry Tomatoes * Tatsoi * Zucchini * Potatoes * Snap peas * Tangerine, Honey * Onions * Turnip * Oranges, Red Valencia * Beets * Grapefruit, Red * Dandelion * Rutabaga * Spinach * Sweet Corn * Carrot (Please note: We cannot guarantee that these exact products will be available but we look forward to serving you with fresh organic produce during the winter/spring season.)
Questions? Contact CGB at 978.741.0800 or

And don't forget to check out CGB's CSA Blog to learn more about this program!

Pssst: Looking for a great website to find recipes and yummy CSA idea? Check out Healthy Eats and also learn about wheat berries here.

November 30, 2009

roost salem: Grand Opening Tonight!

Crunchy Granola Baby is excited to welcome a new neighbor to the fabulous (and growing) city of Salem!

roost salem is an urban country shop, offering an original mix of art, furniture, gifts, accessories, lighting jewelry and bath products.

Located at 40 Front Street, roost is kickin' off their Grand Opening in style on Monday, November 30. With wine from Pamplemousse and eats from Sixty2 on Wharf, as well as 10% off storewide, you gotta check this out!

Keep updated by following roost on Twitter or by becoming a fan on Facebook.

November 28, 2009

CGB Photo Slideshow (Winter 2009)

Haven't visited CGB in awhile? No worries! Check out our photo slideshow:

*And don't forget to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We're always offering great deals, updates on events, and local "stuff" via our social networks.

November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Despite the rain, we'll be here until 7PM this evening!

And we'll be offering you great deals on organic clothes, eco-friendly (and adorable!) clothes, babywearing wraps, earth-friendly cloth diapers, and more!

Avoid the malls and stop in today for REAL Black Friday deals!

*But if you can't make it today, that's OK. Maybe we'll see you on Wednesday for our guest speaker, Hamilton Wenham Family Chiropractic. Learn more.

November 24, 2009

Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day!

Just a reminder about CGB's Thanksgiving week hours and events!
  • Tuesday, November 24: Open 10AM to 6PM and celebrating Green Tuesday with 20% off storewide!
  • Wednesday, November 25: Closed
  • Thursday, November 26: Closed
  • Friday, November 27: Open 10AM to 7PM. We're also welcoming Guest Speaker Catie from Spirit Wellness Center, who will be at CGB at 10AM to talk about her wellness center and provide chair massages AND celebrating Black Friday with 15% off storewide!
We're wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and hope to see everyone on Friday!

November 21, 2009

Holiday Window Contest

Crunchy Granola Baby is gettin' ready for the annual Holiday Window Display contest!

We've got some tricks up our sleeves and support from our local community!

The Phoenix School cut out and donated gorgeous (and recycled!) magazine/newspaper snowflakes, as well as winter haikus...

Salem Cycle provided us with recycled bike boxes for a creative window project we're working on...

Urban Elements also donated some recycled packaging materials that we'll be using for our holiday display...

Be sure to visit downtown Salem next week and check out all the fabulous window displays...especially CGB's community windows!

November 19, 2009

Green Tuesday!

Celebrate Green Tuesday (Tuesday before Thanksgiving) with 20% off savings at Crunchy Granola Baby!*

And then don't forget about the 15% discount store-wide on Black Friday!*
* Some restrictions apply.

CGB Holidays Hours:

Tuesday, November 24: Open 10AM to 6PM for Green Tuesday!
Wednesday, November 25: Closed
Thursday, November 26: Closed
Friday, November 27: Open 10AM to 7PM for Black Friday! (And if you're already stressing about the holidays, then be sure to visit CGB's playgroup for a chair massage and to learn about Spirit Wellness Center in Salem! Learn more here. )

November 14, 2009

What's Happening . . .

Don't Forget: Girls' Night Out is tonight!

Come inside out of the rain for a "pampered" shopping experience at CGB! We'll have great discounts, freebies, treats & spa-like pampering from local businesses (like Cottage Spa, Radiance Aveda, Spirit Wellness, Sherrell Photography, Salem Wine Imports and our fabulous hosts Gem & I Originals and CGB)! And of course, we'll also have wine and light hors d'ouvres.

Girls' Night Out starts at 6:30PM, call 978.741.0800 with questions or comments. See you tonight!

...But if you can't make Girls' Night Out, no worries. We have tons of other events happening this month!

Baby Hand and Footprints: Friday November 20, 10AM - noon.
Kirsten Bassion of North Shore Clay Studio will be at Crunchy Granola Baby monthly to make lasting impressions of your babes prints.$25 for one print, each additional print (on same tile) is $20.

Baby Wearing Demonstration: Saturday, November 21 at 10AM
Vickie Dawson, mother of 3, will demonstrate how to use a tie wrap. Other carriers being shown, Talyor Made Ring Sling, Little Star Pouch and the Ergo Baby Carrier. If you already have your baby wearing gear, bring it with you! Space is limited so please call to let us know you are coming. All Participants will receive 10% off any baby wearing product during the demo. Free demonstration.

The Three Hour, Learn Everything, Breastfeeding Class: Monday, November 23, 6:30PM
The Three Hour, Learn Everything, Breastfeeding ClassLearn to avoid breastfeeding obstacles now rather than try to over come difficulties later. For pregnant mothers, including their partner and up to one other support person, this class will also include a personal medical history consult by a professional Lactation Consultant. Fee is $90, please register with instructor Kathy Abbott at 978.922.4289.

Parenting Group Guest Speaker: Spirit Wellness Center: Friday, November 27, 10AM
Catie Schoenfarber, owner of Spirit Wellness Center, will be at CGB to talk about her wellness center and offering chair massages.

November 5, 2009

Girls' Night Out!

Girls' Night Out is a "pampered" shopping experience at Crunchy Granola Baby!

Jump start the holiday season with great discounts, freebies, treats & spa-like pampering from local businesses (like Cottage Spa, Radiance Aveda, Spirit Wellness, Sherrell Photography, Salem Wine Imports and our fabulous hosts Gem & I Originals and CGB)! We'll also be serving wine and light hors d'ouvres. Yummy!

So save the date for a shopping experience like no other: Saturday, November 14 at 6:30PM at Crunchy Granola Baby! Call 978.741.0800 with questions or comments.

Grand Wine Tasting!

Salem Wine Imports is hosting a Grand Tasting on Thursday, November 12.

From 6:30 to 9PM, you can try 80 wines from around the world! This fabulous Salem event will take place at Old Town Hall and costs $35 per person.

Hope to see you there, sipping wine!

November 3, 2009

North Shore Bazaar

Be there or be square.

Confirmed Vendors include...

TouchStone Farm + Yoga,
Wallpusher, Sari Bari, JustPotters, Recycled Sweater Bags + Playful Critters, SERRV, 10,000 Villages, Macro Beads of Hope, American Apparel, Joppa International, Waldorf School Children's Table, Fellows Farm, Pottery by Jo-Alice Stockwell, 1000 Mugs for South Africa, Gwen Carr poetry, Collaborative Artworks, Claydreaming, Deans Beans, Robin Lawrenz, Rosemary Scott-Fishburn Fine Art... With a special appearance by Maeve Music.

Learn more about the North Shore Fair Trade Campaign

October 29, 2009

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

It's Amy and I'm back from the UK!

I had some great adventures, but it's nice to be home. And I'm stoked about all the new products, classes and events happening here at CGB.

In case you've been in a foreign country like myself, here's a list of what's happening:

THIS Saturday, we're having our Crunchy Costume Party! We’ll have an afternoon of fun music, healthy snacks, and great costumes! In fact, all costumed guests will automatically be entered in our raffle for a chance to win our Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag, filled with fun CGB swag like organic clothes, eco-friendly toys and a few surprises! So saunter over to CGB on Saturday, October 31 between 3 and 5 pm to enjoy a very crunchy costume party!
  • Birth Circle: Mon., Nov. 9 at 7PM
    While this event is free, please pre-register at CGB
  • Ladies Night: Sat., Nov. 21 at 6:30PM
    Here’s a teaser: Jewelry, wine and chocolate. But stay tuned for details on this inaugural event!
  • Vaccine Talk: Mon., Nov. 16 at 7PM
    Workshop is free, but donations for Active Healing Inc. are encouraged.
  • Baby Wearing Demonstration: Sat., Nov. 21 at 10AM
    This workshop is free but please RSVP. All Participants receive 10% off any baby wearing product.

And a few other notes:
  • Beginning in November, we're launching a Membership Card for our Parenting and Play Groups. Learn more here.
  • Also beginning in November, CGB will be CLOSED on Tuesdays and will be closing at 5PM on Saturdays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • CGB is also hosting a special November Promotion: A Coat Drive for Salem Families. Learn more about how you can help local families while also saving on purchases at CGB!

*Curious about what I did over in London? Check out my blog at
Ms Amy Rose.

October 24, 2009

Celebrate Halloween at Crunchy Granola Baby

Looking for a kid-friendly Halloween activity in Salem?

Be sure to join Crunchy Granola Baby for a Halloween Crunchy Costume Party!

Last year’s party was such a success that we’re hosting another great afternoon of fun music, healthy snacks, and great costumes!

All costumed guests will automatically be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag, filled with fun CGB swag like organic clothes, eco-friendly toys and a few surprises!

Saunter over to CGB on Saturday, October 31 between 3 and 5 pm to enjoy a very crunchy costume party!

October 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Crunchy Granola Baby is Twittering! Are you?

I know how much you guys all love Facebook . . . why not try Twitter?

So come on, follow us on Twitter.

(What is Twitter, you ask? Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. It's kinda like Status Updates on Facebook . . .)

October 20, 2009

Toddler Play Group

Don't forget about our Toddler Play Group tomorrow at 10AM!

Come hang with other eco-conscience parents and watch our toddlers tumble and play.

Please note: We ask that you don't take any snacks out during this group, thanks so much!

October 17, 2009

Althea's Birth Story

Althea was born on September 29th at the North Shore Birth Center. She was 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long. Labor started for us at 2:30 AM on the 29th. We had breakfast out and went for a long walk on the beach followed by a picnic lunch in Marblehead. The day was beautiful and walking played a big part in our early labor coping. We went to the birth center in the evening, where we met our doula, Joy, and Amanda, the midwife who would be attending our birth. Things progressed quickly and we welcomed Althea into our family at 10:51PM. Our experience at the Birth Center was wonderful and played a big part in us having the calm, supported natural birth we were hoping for (thank you North Shore Birth Center and especially Amanda!). - Ajna Pisani

October 15, 2009

What We're Reading: "Pushed"

Kansas City Star called it "a worthwhile book for anyone who cares about reforming our health-care system--right from the start" and the Kirkus Review said it was "a gripping expose."

"Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care" takes a hard look at healthcare, particularly women's healthcare and pregnancy, in the US. It's intense, stirring and informational. Check out the Publisher's Weekly Review below:

"According to writer and editor Block ("Our Bodies, Ourselves"), 'the United States has the most intense and widespread medical management of birth' in the world, and yet 'ranks near the bottom among industrialized countries in maternal and infant mortality.'

Block shows how, in transforming childbirth into a business, hospitals have turned 'procedures and devices developed for the treatment of abnormality' into routine practice, performed for no reason than 'speeding up and ordering an unpredictable...process'; for instance, the U.S. cesarean section rate tripled in the 1970s, and has doubled since then.

Block looks into a growing contingent of parents-to-be exploring alternatives to the hospital-and the attendant likelihood of medical intervention-by seeking out birthing centers and options for home-birth.

Unfortunately, obstacles to these alternatives remain considerable-laws across the U.S. criminalizing or severely restricting the practice of midwifery have led the trained care providers to practice underground in many states-while tort reform has done next to nothing to lower malpractice insurance rates or improve hospital birthing policies.

This provocative, highly readable expose raises questions of great consequence for anyone planning to have a baby in U.S., as well as those interested or involved in women's health care."

"Pushed" is available as part of CGB's lending library.

Or learn more about "Pushed" here.

Parenting Group Membership Card

Here at CGB we offer Parenting and Toddler Groups weekly.
Wednesdays Toddler Group (toddling and walkers)10-11:30 am,Fridays Parenting Group (newborns to crawling)10-11:30am

If you are interested in natural and organic living come spend some time with like minded parents, caregivers and their children.

Starting November 1st a 3 month membership is $25. This includes Guest Speakers and discounts at local restaurants and shops.
You will receive a 15% off shopping discount at CGB when you shop during the group. (excludes consignment, classes, Once Crunched and Hip Baby Gear Items)
Your first group is free, drop in fee is $5.00.

Show your CGB Parenting Group Member Card on Wednesdays and Fridays 11:30am-1:00pm
at these participating restaurants and shops and receive great discounts.

Lynde Street Café
2 Lynde St
Free drink with meal purchase

Ben and Jerry’s
60 Washington St
Free kiddie cup or cone with purchase of $4 or more.

Modern Millie Vintage & Consignments
103 Washington St
10% off any full priced purchase

Salem Wine Imports
32 Church Street
10% off any full priced purchase

Seed Stitch
21 Front St
10% off 5 skeins or more

Caffe Graziani

133 Washington St

978 741 4282

free soft drink with purchase of sandwich or entree

October 13, 2009

Massachusetts "License to Breastfeed"

IT'S THE LAW! . . . and don't forget it.

A mother may breastfeed her child in any public place where the mother and child may otherwise lawfully be present.*

No person or entity shall "restrict, harass or penalize a mother" who is breastfeeding her child. A civil action may be brought by a mother subjected to such harassment, and the court may award damages up to $5oo and reasonable attorney fees.

To Lodge a Complaint: Contact the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination at 617.994.6000 (Boston), 413.739.2145 (Springfield), or 508.799.8010 (Worcester).

For Breastfeeding Help: Contact Zipmilk or the Mass. Breastfeeding Coalition or Kathy Abbott at BusyMomsBreastfeed.

*with the exception of houses of worship or places of religious instruction.

October 9, 2009

Coat Drive

Bring in your clean coats to Crunchy Granola Baby through December 15th!
All coats donated will benefit Salem families in need.

When you donate a coat you will recieve 10% off your purchase.
(valid only at drop off, some restrictions may apply)