June 17, 2008

welcome to the east coast

Well Well Well. It's me (Amy) and I'm back from my road trip out west! Loved the mountains and the lakes and the hiking and everything else. But I'm glad to be back in Salem, hanging out at CGB.

And I'm especially glad to be back because we have a ton of cool stuff happening!

First things first though. Have you all seen the gorgeous photos of Tommie? If not, check out a few here. And PS: Tabitha Sherrell will be hanging her work at CGB in a few months. Yay!

Moving on. Summer is here! And what does that mean? Extended CGB hours! Come visit us:

Mondays 10-6
Tuesdays 11-6
Wednesdays 10-6
Thursdays 11-7
Fridays 9-8 (whoaaaaa!)
Saturdays: 10-6
Sundays: 12-6

And as for all our events...Next Wednesday (June 25) we're hosting a Birth Circle, an opportunity for like-minded moms (and especially moms-to-be) who are interested in sharing support, information and personal experiences about their birth. Wanna join? RSVP at CGB.

And that following Friday, our parenting group will host a guest speaker: Erin Cyr. An herbalist and Holistic Practitioner at Whole Soul Healing will be talking to us about herbal first aid kits for babies and toddlers. Also, Erin will talk to us about how and where to buy herbs, what herbs grow well in Massachusetts, and how to keep your children healthy in the most natural way possible.

And then we have more! On Saturday (June 28), we're hosting a Cloth Diapering Demo! Joanne Sarkar of Zannadu Cloth Diapering Solutions will be here to teach us more than we ever wanted to know about cloth diapers. Joanne specializes in cloth diapering and will be here to show how easy (and adorable) it can be, and to answer any questions. She will also have many styles, colors and designs of diapers for your purchasing pleasure! And while this event is free, we do ask for you to RSVP beforehand.

Guess I came back just in time. =)

(PS: The photo above is from Yellowstone Nat'l Park. Just so you know.)

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