August 2, 2008

success! (so far)

So far, our birthday weekend has been a great success!

Our birthday party last night was a hit - a big thanks to all who joined the celebration. And thanks to Tabitha and Larry for not only providing the beautiful photographs, but also the yummy snacks.

And while we're thanking people, we'd like to thank Kevin for a great traveling tide pool demonstration this morning. Everyone loved looking and touching all the sea creatures!

And don't forget to stop by tomorrow morning at 10AM for a free henna tattoo!

And if you haven't picked up your raffle ticket, hurry in! It just keeps growing! Gift certificates from Living Well, Ben & Jerry's, Signatures, Modern Millie, Pamplemousse, Hip Baby Gear, and more. Plus great products from Baby Legs, Cabin Fever, Blooming Lotus, Happy Baby Food, and more. It's unbelievable.

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