July 13, 2009

What We're Reading: Operating Instructions

"It seems no mother of a newborn has ever been more hilarious, more honest, or more touching than Anne Lamott is in "Operating Instructions." A single parent whose baby's father is out of the picture, Lamott struggles not only to support her little family by her wits and her writing but to stay sober at the same time. Faith in God helps; so does her loyal band of helpers, from her childless best friend Pammy to her mother and "Aunt Dudu" to the folks at the La Leche League hotline. And between colic, wheat-free diets, and the triumph of solid food, Lamott learns that blessings and losses come together, and as our capacity for job increases, so does our capacity for grief."

Available as part of Crunchy Granola Baby's Lending Library.

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