March 14, 2008

st. patrick's day sale

Happy Friday everybody! And happy St. Patrick's Day weekend, too! Today kicks off our "green" sale, where everything green (the color) is on sale. Come check out our fun stuff and get 25% off some clothes and toys!

Speaking of fun stuff...did I mention we have even more new products??

Organic bibs made by local mom Deena Kiloski are Designed for Drool (true fact and also the name of her company). They're soft, come in tons of bright colors and are made of 100% organic cotton (some bamboo) towels. And since they bibs are made from towels, they can be machine washed and tumbled dry while still maintaining their softness. Gotta love the ingenuity of moms!

We're also now carrying Natursutten pacifiers. While we don't necessarily advise the use of pacifiers, sometimes it's just necessary. And for those moments, you're gonna want an all-natural and one-piece pacifier - Natursutten. Awarded a top-rating label by the German magazine "Oko Test," the leading eco-testing periodical in Germany, and now making a name for itself here in the states, Natursutten is a great pacifier, option.

That's it for now, but trust me there will be more later.

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