May 9, 2008

join our birth circle

Birthing with a Midwife? Join the Birth Circle!

A birth circle is a meeting of like-minded moms interested in sharing support, information and personal experiences about their birth.

Each meeting begins with a positive hospital/birth center birth and a positive home birth story. After the stories, discussion topics will be based on the pregnancy and parenting questions of the group.

So if you’re a mom-to-be who plans on birthing with a midwife, come join our birth circle and discuss diverse birth stories with inspirational women.

The Birth Circle is hosted by Massachusetts Friends of Midwives (MFOM), and held at Crunchy Granola Baby, on: Wednesday, June 25 at 6:30 pm.

And because birth can often be a very vulnerable topic, women need a private, quiet place with no distractions. We therefore please ask that the circle should be a babes in arms only event.
We also ask that midwives who attend should do so as fellow moms, not as midwives, so that they can also benefit from the support of this group and its experience.

While this event is free, we ask that you please pre-register at Crunchy Granola Baby. Call or stop by to reserve your spot.

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