May 6, 2008

a very special blog note: to rachael, greg and chloe

I want to say a very sad goodbye to Rachael, Greg, and Chloe.

Rachael was one of my first customers to become a “regular." We became fast friends and have watched our babies grow into toddlers together over the past year and a half. We commiserate often (which hopefully won’t change) and have shared our parenting experiences, first words, first “blow outs” and occasionally the long stretches of sleep.

Many of you already know Rachael and Chloe, but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this adorable pair, you should know that Rachael (along with Chloe) have helped us out of a jam more than once.

“Rachael can you open the store for the parenting group? Tommie is puking."

"Rach can you cover the store for a couple hours?"

"Rach can you watch Tommie?”

And as sad as it is to say goodbye to Rachael, it is just as sad that Tommie must say goodbye to Chloe. It is safe to say that Chloe is Tommie’s first friend. (Check out the adorable photo above!) He asks for her, looks for her at the parks and sometimes shares a hug. It's even cuter when they hold hands. So, how do you explain to your 2 ½ year old that friends sometimes move away? I'm still not sure.

But thanks to the internet (and travel!), I know we will remain close... and yet it just won’t be the same without them!

We wish you a safe trip and we are truly happy you have the joy of living close to your family !


Jennie and Tommie (and Tom, too)

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