July 3, 2008

how to help . . . by gift wrapping!

Did you know that when you shop at Crunchy Granola Baby in Salem during the month of July, you can make a gift wrap donation to the North Shore TMA?

The North Shore Transportation Management Association is a non‑profit organization, working to address transportation issues in Beverly, Danvers, Lynn, Peabody and Salem.

The mission of the North Shore TMA is to bring together businesses, institutions, developers, organizations and municipalities to address shared traffic-related issues. The organization aims to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions while improving access to and within the North Shore.

They also offer employee incentives to our member companies for using alternative commute modes like bicycling, carpooling and walking to work.

The NSTMA is the 11th TMA in Massachusetts. They are part of a larger organization called MassCommute, which represents 300 companies and nearly 300,000 Massachusetts employees and residents.

Last year, there was a reduction of more than 55 million vehicle miles traveled by TMA member employees in Massachusetts. This is a reduction of more than 2.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

The NSTMA is funded by a grant from the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization and by its members.

So next time you visit CGB and need an item gift wrapped, please donate to the North Shore TMA. Thanks so much!

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