September 11, 2008

...welcome putumayo!

I am so excited. Seriously.

Wanna know why?

We are now carrying Putumayo Kids CDs!

In case you are unfamiliar with Putumayo Kids, they are a division of Putumayo World Music. And in case you are unfamiliar with Putumayo World Music, let's break it down. (All of this information is from their super interesting website, check it out.)

Putumayo World Music was established in 1993 to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures. They are a pioneer and leader in the the developing non-traditional music market and, to make it even better, Putumayo works to raise awareness and support for organizations that help improve the quality of life in regions where the music comes from. Putumayo World Music has contributed more than $1 million dollars to non-profit organizations that do good work in the regions where the music comes from.

Putumayo Kids is simply an extension of the original World Music brand. Putumayo Kids produces music that entertains, educates and inspires cultural curiosity. More than 3 million Putumayo Kids CDs have been sold in nearly 100 countries and at least one percent of CD sales benefit non-profit groups that support children, families, schools and other charities.

Putumayo Kids CDs celebrate diverse countries and cultures are seriously entertaining. I'm 24 and I collect the Putumayo World Music CDs for myself. Yeah, I admit it.

Here's a taste of what we have in stock: African Dreamland, Celtic Dreamland, Reggae Playground, Latin Playground, World Playground, and more!

Come check them out! You won't regret it.

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