December 17, 2008

Shop Local!

We know it's a tough time right now . . .which is why we're really encouraging you to shop locally.

Help support your local businesses, you very own neighbors, and your own community economy! Seriously. It's important.

And I know you may be thinking "I always try to shop locally, but sometimes the better deals aren't at my neighborhood store." But check out this deal from Cornerstone and then tell me that local shops are the best thing ever.

"Got a Borders or Barnes & Noble Book Coupon? Cornerstone Books will honor it! We're serious about about shopping local! If you have a book coupon from either Barnes & Noble or Borders (and it has not expired), bring it in to Cornerstone Books, and we'll honor the the same deal."

Best. Thing. Ever.

Psst: In the back of my mind, I totally know that readers of this blog are supporters of local shopping. But it never hurts to reiterate the point!

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