December 19, 2009

Busy Saturday Morning

It's been a busy day here at Crunchy Granola Baby!

We spent the morning at Waikiki Beach in Salem...And yes, it was freezing. Especially for those of us (Ahem, Amy) who jumped into the frigid waters as a fundraiser for HAWC! Learn more here.

Charlie Hope then paid a visit to the shop this morning, playing her third concert for adoring CGB fans! As always, we had a wonderful time listening to Hope's melodies. But if you couldn't make the show, no worries. Check her out tomorrow evening on WERS 88.9! Hope will be paying a visit to The Playground, a show dedicated to the best local, national and international kids artists.Check her out between 5 and 8PM!

(PS: If you're not already an avid WERS fan yet, then you will be soon. This Emerson College-owned station plays the best independent music in Boston. Seriously. )

And don't forget: CGB is open on Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday for you last-minute shoppers. Plus, our December Promotion is happening through the end of the month!

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