December 17, 2009

Gift Ideas

Out of original gift ideas? No worries, CGB is here to help!

For...The New Family: Why not give the new family a break from everyday chores? The Green Delicious Gift Package provides personal chef service for new parents, providing three delicious family meals prepared with the freshest whole ingredients, making those hectic first days a little easier.

For...The New Mom or Dad: A Calin Bleu wraparound baby carrier is a versatile and simple way of carrying babies and toddlers. Mom will stay comfortable when carrying the baby round the house, on public transport, or in shopping centers.

For ...The New Addition: This vibrant Green Squirrel Body Suit is cute, eco-friendly and perfect for a boy or girl!

For ...The Toddler: Kids love cars and parents love eco-friendly toys from Imagiplay! This Push Along Hybrid Car aids young children in balance and motor skills, while keeping them entertained for hours.

For...The Co-Worker's Child: Not entirely sure what to get for a friend or co-worker's child? You can't go wrong with Burp Armor! The stay-put shape keeps parents and kids clean, doubling as a stay-in-place burp cloth and a bib! Not enough to convince you? What if I told that 5% of the proceeds from each sale go to Boston Children's Hospital? Perfect.

For ... Anyone Else: Why not pick up a CGB Gift Card and let your recipient pick out their own present?!

If none of these items are your style, we've got tons of other great gift ideas! Stop in today and we'll help you put together the perfect present!

PS: Once you find your Mother Nature approved present, don't forget to green your wrapping! Not sure how? Check out this fabulous website (Thanks Rebecca Hains!) for ideas on eco-friendly wrapping! Some of our favs:
  • Brown paper packages tied up with string . . . these are a few of my favorite things: Unbleached brown craft paper brings a certain rustic elegance to the table that can be helpful if you’re going for that sort of look. Accent your packages with plaid hair ribbons, colored twine or other appropriate green items that suit your taste.
  • Maps: Save old road maps and use them for wrapping presents you intend to give to travelers, teachers or students. Maps are colorful, sturdy and often free at your local tourist information center.
  • Calendars: I personally like the kind with the vintage travel labels or old fashioned liquor ads, as they add a bit of pop culture while remaining firmly in the traditional camp. Plus, I love the darker classic colors they tend to use on those things. Just rip the pages out and use for small gifts.


Calin Bleu said...

Thanks for the link to the green gift wrapping ideas, lovely stuff. I've been making some out of reclaimed balloons that were decorating the tables at a party. Paper shopping bags (one side turned into xmas cards, other side into gift wraps) and finally cut up some old pillow cases to make reusable gift bags.

Rebecca said...

Say, thanks for the bloggy re-tweet, ladies! :)