February 26, 2009

Yummy Summer Produce - 2009!

Do you crave fresh produce? Do you want to support a local, organic farm? Our 2009 CSA is now open to the general public!

In case you're unfamiliar with concept, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for people to build a relationship with a farm. By making a financial commitment to a farm, the people become “shareholders” of the CSA and receive weekly baskets of produce. It’s a perfect (and affordable) way to eat healthy and support a local farm.

And for the second year in a row, Crunchy Granola Baby has teamed up with Heaven’s Harvest Farm in New Braintree to offer local North Shore residents the opportunity to become shareholders in a CSA.

For 15 weeks (June through October), fresh produce will be delivered to Crunchy Granola Baby on Thursday afternoons. Shareholders simply stop by and pick up their share! Payment is due in advance of the season (March 22) and a full share is $600, while a half share is $375.

Want to become a shareholder? Then register at Crunchy Granola Baby as soon as possible, no later than March 22. Checks should be made out to Heavens Harvest Farm and dropped off (or mailed) to Crunchy Granola Baby.

Please include:
• Name
• Address
• Phone
• Email

The final deadline March 22. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jennie Cudmore or Amy Tetreault at 978.741.0800 or at crunchygranolababy@verizon.net

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