March 24, 2009

Why Babywearing?

There are so many reasons to wear your baby! Just check out some of the following effects that babywearing has on a baby:

Less Crying: Studies have shown that letting babies cry permanently alters their nervous system. Also, the more they cry during their infant years, the more likely they are to cry later in life.

More Calm & Content: Carried babies have a more regular respiratory rate, heart rate and steady internal body temperature.

Sleep More Peacefully: Keeping your baby close helps him/her organize their sleep and wake cycles, by helping them recognize the differences between night and day.

Nurse Better & Gain Weight: Babies nurse more frequently when they are carried close to their mother.

Enjoy Better Digestion: The constant motion and frequent small feedings associated with carrying can promote good digestion. Gravity forces acid to remain in the stomach and in turn, the baby spits up less.

Develop: Babywearing leads to more human touch and movement, which has a very positive effect on the baby. it is also good for the baby’s developing muscles as it must move to adjust to the mother

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