May 7, 2009

World Fair Trade Day

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 9 at Crunchy Granola Baby! Receive 20% off any product that is Fair Trade...which basically means 20% off every product in the shop!

Don't know the details about World Fair Trade Day?

World Fair Trade Day has grown into a global festival of Fair Trade with events organized worldwide, on and around the second Saturday of May by members of the World Fair Trade Organization across 70 countries. Events have included Fair Trade breakfasts, talks, markets, live performances, fashion shows, carnivals, processions and protests, to drive Fair Trade and campaign for justice in trade and promote sustainable social and environmental policy. Fair Trade products and produce from marginalized communities are showcased on the day.

It's vital that we correct the imbalance in trade that leaves millions of people living in poverty with the threat of climate change and a financial crisis hanging over us all.

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