May 2, 2009

New Product: Earth Friends

Earth Friends were created in 1998 by an eco-artsy mom in Southern California and developed by an eco-savvy mom in Northern California. They are the ultimate in heirloom quality rag dolls, lovingly handcrafted from the highest quality natural and recycled materials. Their thick hair is made from organic cotton, their skin is made from hemp, and their clothes are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled cotton blends. And guess what! Their soft stuffing is made from recycled plastic containers!

Open their backpacks to find a Hope Tree Planting Kit with Douglas Fir tree seeds, planting instructions and a plant and grow expanding coco pellet. Earth Friends know we need lots of trees to keep our air clean, create shade and provide animal habitat. Plant your Hope tree and it will become a magical place.

Check out Earth Friends Jayden (shown above) and all her other friends at

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