October 6, 2009

Emily Skin Soother: Perfect for Fall

Well, the colder weather is right around the corner and so is the season of dry skin. So be prepared this year and stock up on Emily Skin Soothers products!

We especially like the Skin Soothing Soap, whose rich and moisturizing ingredients won't strip your protective oils or make your skin drier. Instead, this soap will help relieve dry type eczema, flaking dry psoriasis, cracked hands and cuticles, dry cracked heels, rosacea and diaper rash.

And to supplement this amazing soap, we like the Baby and Adult Skin Soother. It is made of bare, essential ingredients of the highest quality with no colorants, artificial fragrances or preservatives. Plus, it works like a charm.

Stop in today and see why we love Emily's!

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