October 13, 2009

Massachusetts "License to Breastfeed"

IT'S THE LAW! . . . and don't forget it.

A mother may breastfeed her child in any public place where the mother and child may otherwise lawfully be present.*

No person or entity shall "restrict, harass or penalize a mother" who is breastfeeding her child. A civil action may be brought by a mother subjected to such harassment, and the court may award damages up to $5oo and reasonable attorney fees.

To Lodge a Complaint: Contact the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination at 617.994.6000 (Boston), 413.739.2145 (Springfield), or 508.799.8010 (Worcester).

For Breastfeeding Help: Contact Zipmilk or the Mass. Breastfeeding Coalition or Kathy Abbott at BusyMomsBreastfeed.

*with the exception of houses of worship or places of religious instruction.

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