May 6, 2010

Kleen Kanteen Sport Cap Recall

Heads up: Kleen Kanteen has recalled its Sport Cap 2.0. Read the company's statement below:

"For safety reasons and in cooperation with US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Klean Kanteen is recalling the Sport Cap 2.0. Klean Kanteen® has received six consumer reports relating to the spout tip of Sport Cap 2.0 breaking or cracking after being dropped, which could pose a possible choking or ingestion hazard. There have been no incidents of actual choking or ingestion reported.

We at Klean Kanteen apologize both for the inconvenience and the resource footprint of this recall. We take the health and environmental aspects of our products very seriously and the mere possibility of our product harming someone gave everyone at Klean Kanteen pause. The decision to recall and replace caps was really the easy part, running a smooth replacement program is the challenge we now are rising to. We really appreciate your patience and understanding; we'll get you your new Sport Cap(s) as quickly as possible."

If you have a Sport Cap 2.0, please click here for information on their return procedure. Any questions, please feel free to contact CGB at 978.741.0800.

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