June 4, 2010

Salem Arts Festival

CGB is stoked to be part of the Salem Arts Festival this weekend, June 4-6.

This fantastic, fun, and family-friendly festival features over 75 artists and performed in downtown Salem. Learn more about Salem Arts Festival here.

Here at CGB, we'll be hosting an artist, Molly Donovan, so be sure to take part in the Arts Walk on Saturday, June 5 and check out the work of Ms. Donovan.

See which other local shops are hosting artists here.

More about Molly: Molly Donovan is a visual artist and art therapist who studied fine art at Boston College, and graduated from Lesley University in 2009 with Master of Art’s degree in art therapy. Her mixed media collages combine watercolor, acrylic, oil, paper, photography and found objects, and can be classified as a combination of illustration, design and abstraction. The themes of human connection, memory, environment and nature, and the kinds of emotions that they elicit and ways that they affect people, inspire Molly’s art. Through painting she captures and celebrates the beauty that she perceives in nature, architecture and people. The pieces that are apart of the Salem Art Walk are inspired by the unique and enchanting beauty of Salem. Molly is a recent resident of Salem, and her works reflect how she perceives the city through fresh eyes as a vibrant and whimsical fairytale city rooted in rich history by the sea.

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