August 11, 2010

Health and Healing with Homeopathy

This Saturday, CGB will welcome Nancy Petino for a talk on Health and Healing with Homeopathy.

During this presentation you will:
  • Review the history of homeopathy
  • Review what’s in those little blue vials
  • Learn the difference between combination and single remedies, and how they work for you
  • Learn how homeopathy can work for you
  • Leave with a clearer understanding of how to effectively work with your homeopath for optimal results, as well as what to expect at your first visit

This free event begins at 11AM and will be led by Nancy Petino, a homeopathy practicioner. Nancy says "As a new mother I became increasingly concerned with finding natural, safe, and non-invasive ways of treating the common ailments that affect children and families – without the harsh side effects and other undesired results of prescription drugs. I wanted an individualized approach to my family’s healthcare. Traditional Western medicine fell short in providing what I was looking for, so I returned to my interest in homeopathy."

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