January 29, 2011

Our New Friend: Northside Carting

Earlier today, I met with Eric Lipsky from Northside Carting, an environmental management service company that currently leases and operates the Salem Transfer Station. He explained to me the following new transfer station incentives, and I'm passing them along to you!

1) The new site will look like the picture above in contrast to its current status. Additionally, this will stabilize the environmental impacts along the Forest River.
2) Northside Carting will provide the complete cost to cap the uncapped ash landfill- a long standing liability to the City of Salem
3) The City will receive $225,000 per year, each year, in a host community agreement of which $30,000 will go directly to the Salem Education Foundation.
4) A new city-wide recycle center for all recyclables and e-waste
5) An updated yard waste center updated yard

Eric has me convinced. But what do you guys think? Comment below or go ahead and let him know!Visit their website or Facebook page.

Remember - For Salem and its businesses to thrive, residents need to stay informed and involved!

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