January 28, 2011

Twitter Tuesday!

Do you take part in CGB's Twitter Tuesday? We ask you questions via Twitter and Facebook ... you answer ... and we choose one random winner to receive a great, crunchy prize!

A few weeks ago, we asked what your favorite toy was as a child. Thanks to a few of our Twitter friends, who made us nostalgic for our youth. And we hope to see your answers next Tuesday!

@CrunchyGranolaB I loved My Little Ponies!!less than a minute ago via Tweets60

@CrunchyGranolaB My favorite toy was a little stuffed Papa Smurf. I even tied him (gently) to my bike so we could be together all the time!less than a minute ago via web

@CrunchyGranolaB my favorite toy as a child was my kitchen set.less than a minute ago via web

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