June 18, 2009

Does the rise of consumer culture bother you?

...If so, then check out "Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood" on Saturday, June 20 at 10 am at CinemaSalem . . . for FREE! (CinemaSalem has generously donated its facilities)

Are your kids always nagging you for stuff? Do you want kids to be happy for who they are, and now what they own? Are you worried about children growing up too fast? Are gender stereotypes cramping their style? Do you want kids to think for themselves? Do you value kids' imagination? Does the rise of consumer culture bother you?

Join CinemaSalem for "an eye-opening account of the pervasive and pernicious effects of children's advertising on the health and well-being of kids" and a lively discussion afterwards in CinemaSalem's cafe.

For more information, visit www.consumingkidsthemovie.com or www.commercialfreechildhood.org

PSSST . . . Today is the first day of CGB's 2009 CSA! Can't wait to see all the shareholders at the shop this afternoon for some yummy produce! (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for real-time updates about when the CSA arrives!)

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Alexa said...

I hope anyone who wants to see this movie can make it. If you can't, the DVD will be available to borrow from the Salem Public Library shortly afterwards.