June 16, 2009

Guest Speaker: Rouge Cosmetics

A big THANKS to Andrea Ducharme from Rouge!

We were so spoiled at our Parenting Group on Friday when Andrea visited! I loved that even though she is a diva (obviously, and in a good way) the most important thing to Andrea is that we take care of ourselves and our skin. In other words: sunscreen! She showed us several to choose from: all mineral based, paraben free, organic!

And personally, I liked the BareMinerals Powder, which was nice and light and super, super easy. Perfect for low maintenance me!

But let me tell you, I felt like I was glowing after my makeover. Andrea kept it nice and simple and I got so many compliments on Friday! I can't wait to stock up.

We hope to have her back again. . . and again and again. Thank you Rouge!


Kate Fox, Destination Salem said...

Rouge is fabulous and Andrea is the best! I'm sorry I missed her at CGB... I'll try harder next time!

Courtney said...

Rouge is awesome. What a great addition that store has been to Salem!

andrea ducharme said...

Jenny, It was my pleasure for sure, I love your store! Almost enough to have another little one! Can't wait to come back. xoxoxo