September 21, 2009

New Featured Artist: Laure Dennery

Laure's work will be on display and available for purchase at CGB October thru November.

Laure Dennery – Bio
I was born in New York City and moved to Paris, France when I was 12. As difficult as this change was, it was at this time that I started using art as a way to express what I could not with words. I found that the canvas afforded me a venue to express myself that was much easier than trying to navigate the different languages and cultures running through my head.
I often use animals as a source of imagery. For me, they embody the simplicity of life; a life devoid of the seemingly endless complexities of human society. Animals are always true to themselves and it is the beauty that comes from understanding their essence that I try to convey in my pieces. Through my work, I explore colors, forms and abstractions to create intimate scenes that reveal serene simplicity in a complex world.
I first started painting penguins after seeing the documentary “March of the Penguins.” As I began to experiment, I started falling in love with their simple shapes and colors and discovered the endless possibilities that these birds inspired in me. I took a break from painting them for a while, but then found that I always seemed to come back to them for they brought me comfort to paint (I mean, who can resist them, really?).
I now live in Cambridge, MA where I devote all of my time to my art. I hope that you enjoy my work!

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