March 2, 2010

New Product: Linaloos!

Crunchy Granola Baby is excited to start carrying Linaloos, a line of eco-friendly accessories handmade from vintage sweaters that are felted then crafted into trendy designs, proving recycling can be both fun and cute!

Handmade by
Jennifer Malone from Melrose, these adorable accessories entered the world around the same time as her daughter Caroline. Frustrated by bows, bows and more bows, Jennifer began making unique hair clips for her baby’s full head of hair. And things just began spiraling from there and Linaloos was born!

And although we said we'd never carry barrettes...we simply couldn't resist these hip, recycled accessories! We hope you enjoy!

And did we mention that Jennifer will also be teaching our Parents of Multiples class coming up in May? Stay tuned for details!