February 26, 2010

Featured Artist: Jade Gotauco

Jade declared she would be an artist when she grew up…

When we are small, we imagine things, glorious things. She imagined a lofty work space, speckled with paint from end to end. Brushes were everywhere and canvases, painted and unpainted, were packed and stacked against the walls. She pictured herself, jeans covered in paint to declare her purpose, boots to signify she was a strong woman and messy dark hair protesting the need to brush it daily (again, when we are five, these things mattered to a girl). It was an image many questioned would come true. Of course, it’s not that easy.

As we grow up, the picture changes. The dream stays the same, but we learn about life, and the obstacles that we will have to face in order to make the “picture” come true. Jade Gotauco uses her love for oil paints and her passion for creation to turn her dreams into reality, for you to see. Looking closely at life, and reminding us of the little details we will likely miss in our busy lives, she paints what she sees and believes to be beautiful enough to be deserving of its own memento. Jade Gotauco also paints in a world of surrealism and her dreams, something often overlooked. These paintings represent the artist from within, the little girl, the emerging woman.

Jade Gotauco is a self taught artist who works primarily in oils, but offers work in various mediums. Learn more about Jade here.

Interested in purchasing some of Jade's art? Please know that 15% of each sale will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.

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