April 15, 2010

Push Ups for Charity

Pushups For Charity is a simple way for North Shore residents to “get fit, have fun and make a difference.” It’s not a competition with anyone else, but it’s a way to challenge yourself to be, do and have more.

And you don’t have to do thousands of pushups to make a difference.

All you do is as many push-ups as you can in 90 seconds - just one time at a special event in Beverly on Saturday, April 17th - and ask your friends, family and co-workers to donate fifty cents or one dollar for each push-up you do in those 90 seconds (the average donation certainly won’t break the bank for anyone...and every dollar helps).

It doesn’t matter if you can only do 10. Every push-up counts. Because every push-up raises money for wounded warriors who deserve our support. And all the money - every penny - goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Learn more here.

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