April 21, 2010

New Products: Little Star

Check out these adorable (and seriously useful) Little Star products! A perfect, unique, and useful gift for parents!

Little Star's Binky Bib is a fresh, yet practical design of the traditional bib. It not only protects your baby's adorable clothing during mealtime, but also ensures that the pacifier won't fall on the floor anytime!Little Star's Pacifier Pod offers you a stylish way to keep track of your baby's pacifier.

Little Star Door Husher: You know as well as we do: There's just something about the click of a doorknob that can wake a child from the deepest sleep.Use Little Star's Door Husher, attached to both handles, to quietly check on sleeping children without even turning the door handle, muffle noisy doors of other members of the household, and keep the soor closed snugly.

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