January 17, 2010

The Three Hour Learn Everything Breastfeeding Class

Learn to avoid breastfeeding obstacles now rather than try to over come difficulties later. Our Three Hour Learn Everything Breastfeeding Class takes place on Monday, January 18 at 6:30PM and covers a variety of subjects:

What you will learn:

  • Milk production – From colostrum to antibodies, how your milk changes to fit your babies needs. Feeding cues - How to tell when your baby needs to be fed & when your baby has had enough.
  • Baby led latch – Learn why babies latch on more comfortably when you allow them to do it themselves.
  • The golden hour – Making your baby’s first time at breast a success even if you’ve had a c-section.
  • Establishing a good milk supply – Why frequency matters more than quantity.
  • Hospitals & the hidden obstacles – From IV drips & tethered births, to baby baths & hospital beds, ways that hospital policies can hinder breastfeeding.
  • What to expect – From growth spurts to dirty diapers, what’s normal and what isn’t.
  • Getting more sleep - How cribs & schedules can interfere with a mother’s sleep.
  • What dad can do – How dad’s role changes over the first six months.
  • Shower gifts and gadgets – Which ones help and which ones can actually interfere with breastfeeding.
  • How to bottle feed a breast fed baby – When to introduce a bottle & how to bottle feed correctly.
  • Friends & Foes – Handling visitors, including the nay sayers.
  • Avoiding post partum depression – Tips for minimizing the baby blues.
  • Solids & Weaning – Why looking at the baby is more important than looking at the calendar.
  • Finding your tribe – Where to find support and other like minded mothers in your local community.

The fee for this class is $90. Please register directly with Kathy at 978-922-4289 or abbottkathy@comcast.net

*And if you can't attend this class, then be sure to attend the next class on February 15, 2010. Learn more!

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