January 21, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Advice to New Families

Earlier this week, we hosted our weekly Twitter Tuesday Contest. We asked our Facebook (& Twitter) friends to share advice for new families. Here are some of the wonderful responses! (And congrats to our winner, Rebecca Wood, who scored an ImseVimse Organic Cotton Cover for little girl!)
  • My advice for new parents is to never do anything just because a well intentioned person said that is how it should be. Just slow down, relax, breathe deeply, and listen to your baby and your inner voice. Getting a child to sttn, wean, etc...is not a race. Its a developmental process that takes time, and differently so with different babies.

  • My advice for new parents is don't worry about others & their feelings do what is best for you & your baby.

  • Enjoy every moment, being a parent is such a learning experience!

  • Follow your instinct - you really do know what is best, although it will take time to gain that confidence.

  • Don't take the advice of others too seriously. No one knows your baby better than you - follow baby's lead and all will be well. And resist the temptation to do what needs to be done when baby naps, it can wait, you need rest to be present for your little one.

  • Laugh, let go, and enjoy the ride!

  • Blow up your TV!

  • Trust yourself!

  • Have fun.

  • Know that you have the child you were destined to have, so when it gets hard you can take heart that this is just the place you are suppose to be

  • Vote! (Hehe, this was submitted on Election Day.)

  • Go to Crunchy Granola Baby! Actually, I DO give this advice out to parents - you're a great resource! (Awwww, thanks!)

  • The gift of a yummy meal is a visitor's ticket to meet the new baby. (Shameless Self Promotion: Check out Green Delicious New Parent Package!)

  • Stay true to yourself, don't sweat the dishes, and remember that you absolutely cannot spoil your baby by holding her/him too much.

  • You don't need all the gadgets that are marketed to expecting parents. A sling (or some type of carrier), breasts, and cloth diapers is it!

  • Follow your baby's lead...they will always let you know what they need.

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Your child will do what your child will do when your child is ready to do it.

  • Connect with other Moms - sharing the journey with others is so valuable on many levels.

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