February 1, 2010

Creative Art-Making

This March, CGB is introducing Creative Art-Making!

This class welcomes curious and imaginative 2-4 year olds who want to learn basic techniques in painting, drawing and collage, with an eco-friendly twist.

After all, the art supplies are recycled materials that come straight from our community!

Classes are Mondays at 10AM, March 1 through March 22.

Cost is $20 per child (x 4 sessions) plus $10 materials fee. If you have multiple children, the cost is $17 per child (x 4 sessions) plus $10 materials fee.

The class size is limited, so please register ASAP. Learn more here.

PS: If you’re interested in donating recycled items for this class, we would be stoked! Please donate plastics, cardboard, containers, straws, egg cartons, etc.

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