November 5, 2010

Celebrating Green in Salem!

Crunchy Granola Baby wins Best in Class Green Salem Business Challenge 2010 Charter Program!

These Green Salem Business Challenge winners were chosen for “Best in Class” or “Honorable Mention” by distinguishing themselves as the greenest in their respective size classes. Winners were chosen by a panel consisting of members of the sponsoring organizations.

Awards will be presented by Mayor Kimberley Driscoll and Salem Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rinus Oosthoek at a ceremony at Salem Old Town Hall in Derby Square on Thursday, November 18th at 2pm. The honorees by category are as follows:

Category One (1 owner-employee)
Best in Class: Green Tea Yoga
Honorable Mention: Acupuncture Center of Salem; Kim Indresano Photography

Category Two (1 to 5 employees)
Best in Class: Crunchy Granola Baby
Honorable Mention: The Phillips House/Historic New England; Salem Sound Coastwatch

Category Three (6 to 50 employees)
Best in Class: Armstrong Field Real Estate
Honorable Mention: Joe Green Home Solutions; Merchant Consulting Group

Category Four (over 51 employees)
Best in Class: Salem State University
Honorable Mention: Crosby’ Marketplace; Bioengineering Group

Congratulations to all the wonderful businesses who work to be green!

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