April 11, 2008

..and still there is more

More New Products!

Aqua Bottles are a fun alternative to regular sippy cups or even nalgenes. These bright clear plastic bottles have a straw top with a sliding lid, and are contour-shaped for toddlers' ease. The best part? These bottles are PVC free and do not contain Biphenol-A. Hooray safety!

Our newest product line comes from New Hampshire: Badger Balm. A body care company founded on principles of natural living and giving back to the environment and the community, Badger Balm produces high-quality body care products...and we are super excited to be carrying some of these very products! So, what are some of the Badger products we now carry?
Diaper Cream: A non-irritating cream for baby's delicate skin. Ingredients include: Chamomile, a calming scene; Calendula, a traditional herb for soothing baby's skin; and natural Zinc Oxide, a safe & effective skin healer for over 300 years.

Sunscreen, SPF 15 and SPF 30: Badger proudly presents the most extraordinary broad-spectrum sunscreens we've ever seen. The SPF formulas are water resistant for up to 40 minutes, safe for children of all ages, thoroughly moisturize while they protect and are reminiscent of a holiday luau. These are natural, physical barrier sunscreens. Since the inception of this steamy, dreamy potion, previously sun-shy Badgers have been sighted belly up on the most luxurious beaches around the world. Meet you at the beach! (in case you didn't notice, the wonderfully-worded decription is taken directly from the Badger Balm site. Why try and improve something that already sounds great?)
And, yes. There are still many more new products arriving daily. Hurry in to CGB!

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