April 1, 2008

Jennie's Trip to the Le Leche League Seminar

So, I went to the Le Leche League’s Seminar in Chelmsford this past weekend. It was very informative and super nice to see so many familiar faces.

Besides hanging out with other moms, though, I also managed to attend a few lectures.

My favorite was the excellent vaccine lecture given by Dr. Sears. He only spoke for an hour, but still managed to explain tons of information. For those interested, I would recommend his book, titled simply "The Vaccine Book." And while I am still not vaccinating Tommie at this point, I'll certainly follow Dr.Sears' schedule and vaccine manufacturer recommendations if I decide to vaccinate Tommie in the future.

I also attended a lecture on Toddler Attachment Parenting. Just when I thought maybe it was time for Tommie to try sleeping alone, my AP ideas were perfectly reinforced. Of course its ok for a toddler to co-sleep! So I'm glad I attended the lecture about how to be a toddler attachment parent, it reinforced everything that already feels right - co-sleeping, nurturing, meeting every demand. Haha.

I also spoke with someone who attended Dr. Sears' talk that evening at 7:30 (too late for me), which I guess delved into the science of AP. She said it was very good; he included lots of data and studies done on AP style parenting. I'm interested in this idea of the "science" of AP and was wondering if anyone could recommend a book / article / journal that includes such information? (I'd love any recommendations to be posted in the Comments section below this post, that way we can all keep informed about the science of our parenting)

All in all, it was a fun and informative day in Chelmsford. =)

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