April 19, 2008

composting for carlton

Crunchy Granola Baby would like to extend a big thank you to Jacob and Andrea Kasper for presenting the Composting for Carlton workshop this morning. They discussed composting techniques and tips with a large group of interested students, many of whom now plan on starting their own compost pile.

Besides hosting the workshop, Crunchy Granola Baby also sold raffle tickets to help raise money for the Carlton School. In the end, Smoky the dog (along with his family) went home with the compost bin prize and we raised over $100 for the Carlton School!

Thanks again to Andrea and Jacob, and thanks to all those who purchased raffle tickets and learned about composting. Nothing is better than combining a school fundraiser with an environmental workshop!

Couldn't make it to Composting for Carlton this morning? Here are a few tips:

  • Why Compost: produce free fertilizer, reduce landfill waste, reduce stinky trash, reduce greenhouse gases and keep nutrients in the natural cycle.

  • Materials: container (make one from a trash can by drilling holes with 1" hole saw) or purchase one from the Salem DPW), shovel, rebar, kitchen container and thermometer.

  • Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio: you need to have a 4 to 1 carbon to nitrogen ratio. materials high in carbon (often called "browns") include wood chips. paper, bark, leaves, etc. materials high in nitrogen (often called "greens") include grass clippings, coffee grounds, vegetable waste, cow/horse manure, etc.

  • Other Notes: keep the pile aerated. some materials compost more easily than others, so be patient.

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