April 29, 2008

stroller strides!

Does anybody know what tomorrow is? (Besides Wednesday, April 30).

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Stroller Strides! Come to CGB at 9:30am and take part in a free Stroller Strides class! The class will depart from CGB and walk to Salem Common for a one-hour workout, returning to CGB after class. Upon return, enjoy light refreshments, a CGB raffle and the opportunity to sign up for Stroller Strides classes.

Stroller Strides classes meet weekly, every Mon / Wed / Friday from 9:30-10:30 am. Classes meet and end at CGB and all participating students will receive 5% off any CGB purchases following class.

Hope to see you at CGB tomorrow morning, at 9:30 sharp!

Oh, and does anybody know what today is? Besides Tuesday, April 29. Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's! Did we mention how much we love living next door to Ben & Jerry's?!

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