April 12, 2008

what's your human footprint?

This Sunday, April 13, National Geographic Channel will broadcast a documentary special titled "Human Footprint." The show, which airs at 9pm, will take a look at the waste produced by the average American consumer. And I mean 'take a look' literally. The show will not only fill your head with statistics about how much we Americans waste, but illustrate the stats with actual images of how much we waste.

Since the average American baby wears 3,796 diapers during his/her lifetime, the producers of "Human Footprint" stack 3,796 diapers on top of one another to make sure the statistic really hits home. And, don't worry, they also go into details about how much oil, plastic and wood pulp it takes to make each diaper. Depressing, sure. But maybe the images (combined with all the facts and details) are enough to make viewers rethink their daily lives.

So check out "Human Footprint" this Sunday at 9pm on National Geographic Channel. Who know's what you'll see.

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